Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Ice Cream for a Snow Day!

The kids just finished licking their bowls to get every last creamy drop of this wonderful snow-confection, and we had to share the recipe and the demo-video!  (I  just had a spoonful, and it was pret-ty tasty!)

The kids foraged for the snow outside (you can guess the kind of severe warning I gave about avoiding the yellow kind!), and then helped measure and mix the other ingredients (since there are only a total of four, it was very easy to manage, even with the bonus of holding Marie the entire time).  We had a ball. . . a SNOW-ball, that is!  (Dork alert!  Dork alert!)

Let me get some of their ratings and reviews, since they're surrounding me as I type this. 
Ethan says, "It's snow-tastic!" 
Holden says, "It's really goooood! So try it!" 
Eve says, "Put some chocolate on it and then mix it!"
 Caleb says, "Two thumbs up!"   
Peter says, "I-Keem. . . chomp!"
Marie says, "Heyaaa!"


Dacia said...

What an awesome idea. I'll have to remember this, especially if they're home again tomorrow!

Silvia said...

MMM.... I'm going to try!

mimi said...

YUMMY!!! How fun! We'll have to try this:)

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