Friday, April 1, 2011

It's April. After so many twists and turns of muscles and stomach and nerves and facial expressions, we're only one month away.

I'm finally letting myself peek just a bit through the blinds of my misery and allowing the luxury of just a little excitement.

Instead of just looking down with my shoulder to the wheel for the sake of sheer sanity, I sometimes look up. Not too much. But enough to want to shriek and let my fingertips flutter together as I bounce up and down on my toes (figuratively. . . oh, so figuratively).

All the joyful suspense and longing that has been building up during these months of physical and emotional confinement can't raise its hopeful head too often or I would never sleep. Never. My heart races and my fingers reach out and I would never be able to calm down. So, for now, I'm still just peeking with my eyes squinted at all of the gorgeous future moments.

This is the song that I indulge in during these slivers of hopeful anticipation.

Just go ahead and try not to cry. I cry streams every single time I hear it.

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