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Volume VIII, issue vii, July and August 2012

Eve's Baptism
I'll mostly let the pictures speak the thousands of words I could say about Eve's baptism. Even since her toddler days, Eve has been as good natured and as genuine as a girl surrounded by brothers could be. She embraces her decisions and her emotions with a control beyond her years and her decision to be baptized was no exception. I don't think Eric or I could be more proud of her without passing out.

The date of Eve's baptism was precariously perched between my frantic grading of piles of 12-page research papers, finals, a family reunion, church Girls Camp, a bridal shower, and Eric's three week literary tour, but luckily we were able to take a deep breath and appreciate the day. 

I didn't look at the clock the night before the baptism so I wouldn't know how tired I should be after staying up to sew Eve's baptism dress. I wouldn't let Eric tell me what time I went to bed. A few days later, he gave me a wicked look and shouted, "5:30! HAH!"

Those cascading ruffles were worth every wink of lost sleep! Each stitch was sewn with so much fondness for my Eve that it outweighed any sacrificed slumber.

Holden gave the talk on the Holy Ghost at the baptism and talked about how when the Savior was baptized, the Spirit appeared in the form of a dove. He told Eve that she should recognize the Spirit in its true peaceful form of the dove and refuse to listen to other "birds"or voices that might try and speak to her. He said, "There might be robins or crows--and there are A LOT of crows--that will try and get your attention, but you need to listen for the voice of the dove." 

Hafen Reunion 2012
   As the fifth child of seven, I am an introvert to the core. However. . . (and that is one big however), when it's my turn to have a voice I have learned to let it be heard. . . and to have it accompanied with crafts and projects and treats. 

It was our turn to be in charge of our family reunion this year. I have been dreaming of having a family t-shirt for years, but unfortunately for me the tick-tock of the clock until my turn to host our family reunion has coincided with the exponential growth of our family. With some careful planning and some all-night painting parties, we were able to design and hand-paint fifty-eight t-shirts (a craft-drunk shout-out to Kimberly, who stayed up until past 3:00 AM with me for several nights, is in order here). 

The whole crew descended upon Badger Creek (the BYU-Idaho outdoor learning facility) and tried all sorts of ropes courses and giant swings and wall climbing. 
Even Eve climbed the monstrous rock-wall while Eric and I squinted up at her and chewed on our fingernails as we shouted out encouragement to her. 

The World's Cutest Dictatorship/Grandparents

Game night and Talent Show

First Day of School 2012

As per our pre-school tradition, each of the kids got to come with me on a little "date" either for breakfast or lunch.

I like to ask the kids questions to make sure they feel good about life as a d'Evegnee and this is how my conversation with Peter went:
"So, Peter, are you worried or anxious about anything?"
"You mean, for kindergarten?"
"Well, are you worried about anything else, not for kindergarten?"
"Yes! I'm worried about zombies and vampires. . . "

* * *

Since Marie hasn't started public school, she wasn't scheduled for an outing. She was a little sad when she saw Eve putting on her shoes for her outing, so she asked me if she could go with us. I told her that it was really up to Eve. I held my breath a little as Marie asked Eve if she could tag along with us, but as soon as Marie finished her question, Eve leaned down like a little mother hen and clucked, "Of course you can come! Let me help you get your shoes on." You already know that I was in tears.

My other favorite pre-school outing image surfaced when Caleb was with me at the grocery store picking up a few things for our breakfast for the first day of school. I asked Caleb to grab another can of whipped cream for our waffles, and he picked up the can, smiled slyly and clinked it against the one in my hand just like we were giving a toast with glasses of champagne.

Eve had been begging me for sewing lessons all summer, but our packed schedule made it nearly impossible to fit it in. The week before school started, she picked out fabric and sewed a skirt to be part of her "back-to-school wardrobe" and wore it that first week.
She was a quick learner and sewed like a little pro. I had to tease her each time she started to chatter and tell me a story because her careful stitches veered completely off of the fabric and she'd giggle and say, "Oops!" 

I'm SOOO Glad When Daddy Comes Home

I won't pretend that we didn't play while Daddy was away, but we were sure happy when he returned to us after his three week literary tour. There's just more laughter when he's around. 

Eric and I had both been concerned that Charlie might not remember him after his absence of nearly a month, but when he saw his beloved DaDa, Charlie gave him a bear hug that lasted and lasted and lasted. It was like our baby had just figured out what he had been missing and wasn't about to let it go. (If you look at him in all of the photos, you'll see that he refused to release the death-grip he had on Eric.)
He's not asleep. His eyes are closed because of the intensity of the squeeze.

Eric divvied out souvenirs to our troops the night he returned and in Peter's prayer that night, he said, "Thanks for my present from Dad. . . that was the MOST AWESOMEST OF THEM ALL!!"

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