Sunday, November 2, 2014

Volume X, issue x, October 2014 (Halloween)

The idea for this year's Halloween Over-do-it-fest was born in a cemetery (where all good Halloween ideas are born). On our visit to Connecticut this summer, Eric tried to lighten the rather somber mood while we were all visiting his Mom's grave. It was pretty overwhelming for our kids to be at the cemetery, so as we left, Eric asked if he should leave a piece of cheese on her headstone. When I asked him why, he responded seriously, "So she'll have something to eat during the Zombie Apocalypse." 

I laughed nervously as we crammed ourselves into the car, and realized that I had the perfect song to play as we drove away. . . and the rest is Halloween History. 
Our mini-Michael's jacket was the most complicated sewing project I have ever sunk my craft-Zombie teeth into. Since there wasn't a pattern, I fought my way through each design choice and a whole lot of trial and error.

I discovered that I am a little bit of a Dance Mom Diva during our rehearsals for the dance. I made all of us go over each move several times a day until we learned the whole thing. When Eric was describing our rehearsals, he said, "Let me just say there was sweating involved. "

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