Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Chip Off the Ole' ROCK!!!

What kind of mother lets her daughter go to school looking like this?

The same kind of mother who would strip herself of every shred of decorum on a Friday night and go hang with her Ladeez to have a Rock Band Par-tay! (Yeah, I am ridiculously inept at using the lingo, I know.)

Yup. My shirt says "Mrs David Archuleta." I'm not even kidding. I own it. I bought 2 shirts like this as a joke for my sister and I was so glad I had a chance to wear it for the first time! (My roots aren't too obvious are they? Looks like I need to make a date with some peroxide--pronto!)

I kinda look like I'm going to puke after an all-night soft-rock fest. It doesn't help that I'm standing next to a smokin' hot rock mamma (aka Mary). We are a study in contrasts.
Thanks for the party, Mary! YOU ROCK! (And now all of us do too!)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Spooky? Yes, absolutely terrifying.

It wasn't our honoring of the Hallowed holiday that filled us with fear, but the carting of six goblins to the home-town grocery store's Pumpkin Patch and Maze for Family Home Hallo-Evening.

Despite the screams, growls, and wailing befitting an October evening with the d'Evegnees, we made it home with six children and six pumpkins mostly in tact. We didn't dare break out knives. In fact, the closet our kids came to anything pointy to decorate their pumpkins was a sharpie.

Nope. These shots weren't staged at all! Peter's teeth haven't come this close to a vegetable since 2007!

People have been asking me my secret to losing weight. Well, get out your pen and paper because this is going to turn into Sarah's diet secrets REVEALED! (OOOOOoooo!)

My best kept secret is. . . Marie !

Our solid (that's a nice euphemism, isn't it?) gourd-shaped girl waddles her way over to my seat at every meal even if she's already stuffed herself on seconds, thirds, and sometimes FOURTHS of her own highchair helpings. When I finally get around to trying to inhale some breakfast mid-morning between five other things on my list, Marie cuts my calorie intake dramatically as she gracefully perches herself on my leg like some rotund, thirty-pound baby chick, open-mouthed and screaming for more mouthfuls of whatever may be available. The kid eats anything from Thai food to vegetable medleys and huddles over her plate possessively, her chubby fists clenched with determination around her spoon like some wrestler who's gotta make weight. She's like our own baby version of Chris Farley's Gap girl : "SHUT UP! I'M STAR-VING! Remember seventeen-and-a-half months ago when we pleaded with everyone to pray and fast for her to eat? WHOA! I BELIEVE!!

Eve knows she's loved (okay, practically worshipped) by her Dad, but somehow she genuinely accepts his adoration with guileless glee, responding to each hug and kiss and word of praise as if it were the first. Eric loves to say to her, "I love me!" and watch her say, "I love you too!" and then giggle as she realizes afresh that he's teasing her.

The other morning, as he was exercising on the elliptical, Eve appeared, hair askew, rubbing her eyes. Eric looked at her and teased her, saying something about how he needed to get ready for kindergarten and she just beamed up at him and said, "Oh, YOU!"

How could he not be hooked?

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