Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Chip Off the Ole' ROCK!!!

What kind of mother lets her daughter go to school looking like this?

The same kind of mother who would strip herself of every shred of decorum on a Friday night and go hang with her Ladeez to have a Rock Band Par-tay! (Yeah, I am ridiculously inept at using the lingo, I know.)

Yup. My shirt says "Mrs David Archuleta." I'm not even kidding. I own it. I bought 2 shirts like this as a joke for my sister and I was so glad I had a chance to wear it for the first time! (My roots aren't too obvious are they? Looks like I need to make a date with some peroxide--pronto!)

I kinda look like I'm going to puke after an all-night soft-rock fest. It doesn't help that I'm standing next to a smokin' hot rock mamma (aka Mary). We are a study in contrasts.
Thanks for the party, Mary! YOU ROCK! (And now all of us do too!)


Dacia said...

I love your daughter's skirt and if I owned one I would have worn it that rock star night. You're so fun to rock with!

Joseph and Mary + Six said...

Sarah, all I can think to say is that YOU ROCK!!!

jenny said...

That looks like so much fun!

Tiffany said...

Oh, Sarah... you have ALWAYS been a rock star!!!!

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