Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Life of a d'Evegnee Diva

Even though Marie has helped to somewhat divide the Eve-worship that goes on around here, Eric and I still adore Eve's every action, catching words that fall from her lips like notes from heaven.  When she utters a particularly precious gem, Eric and I give each other painful looks and he usually says, "I can't take any more cuteness!"

During our St George vacation, the older kids were lounging on the massive Hotel bed with us like sprawled-out kid-lumps, and we were lazily watching the wall-sized plasma screen with wonder and awe. Eve had her arms wrapped around the nearest body part of her Dad, which happened to be his feet.  She lovingly cuddled up to his toes and suddenly took a thoughtful whiff, burying her nose between his feet.  She looked up at him and said, "Dad, your feet don't stink.  They smell like love!"

After spending way too much time on the computer, responding to e-mails, reading blogs, and checking out a fabulous sale at (I should really get a comission!), I lamented to Eve as she was looking over my shoulder, "Eve!  I really need to get off the computer!"  She paused and said to me sincerely with the slightly conscending tone of a mini-therapist, "Mom. . . just close your eyes and then I will turn it off for you."  

Even though she's only 4, Eve can play the Wii with not only skill, but style and grace.  As she plays, she burns off all of the cookies and candy and handfuls of cold cereal she sneaks with a continual up and down motion that is one-half kangaroo, one-half ballerina.  Bowling is one of her favorite games, and she spins and twirls and kicks her leg up in the air after each turn--and it is all sub-conscious, much the same way I'm sure any Disney Princess would naturally play a Wii.  After a few turns bowling last week, Eve got the record for the most number of pins knocked down and rubbed her glory in all our faces for hours.  Eric teased her that he was going to knock down more pins than she had, and she snapped back, "Is that any way to talk to a record holder?"


Dacia said...

I just love reading your blog because you're such a great writer. Love the stories, they are a crack up! Girls are so funny aren't they? Eve is adorable in that outfit!

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. You have many internal virtues for sure and I'm so glad that I got introduced to you. You're so much fun!

Every girl needs just a "little" jewelry and I'm so glad I can help in that area ;)

Lorie said...

"Your feet smell like love"... now that's a comment worth saving. How precious. Fun times last night!

JT42 said...

I am so proud of you for keeping this more up to date than you originally stated :) I LOVE reading this, in fact I get slightly embarassed when I read my own-not the creative writer am I, but then again that would be the talent you possess and not I!
and I have to say that you always have some great story that your kids said and I'm pretty sure Eve is the winner with this too-ha!
I would bet you've got some internal virtues to stand by-don't you worry friend! :D

mimi said...

LOL...I love reading your blog Sarah!!! You have such a talent for writing! Your pics are always SO ADORABLE!!!! It was way Fun seeing you last night! :)

Anonymous said...

I concur! You definitely have many gifts, writing being a very strong one. I love reading your posts and can't wait for you to write another one and another and another. ummm... wait.. I'm pretty sure I'm blog-stalking you.. we're still friends, right? :)

jenny said...

Hmmm, I wonder where she gets it?

The Todds said...

This little girl is hysterical!! What entertainment she provides I'm sure! (P.S. if you ever need a babysitter, call us!)
It was fun to see you briefly the other night at broulim's, wish we could've talked but we were headed to a friend's for a movie. Hopefully I'll see you soon, Adam just hogs you 3 times a week!

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