Friday, January 23, 2009

Classic Ethan

*WARNING* I'm on Mom-pride overload! 

Since he was barely two and could spout out jokes on command ("Where did da COW go on a da-ate? . . . To da MOOOO-vies!" and "What is da Tee-Rexes faborit IIICE Cweam? . . . Wo-cky Wo-ad!" [Read it like a two-year-old and you'll get it!]), we knew Ethan had a gift for comediac timing and delivery. Dinner always involves chewing and laughing (not pretty, but fun!) in part because of Eth-Dog's knack for accents and puns--he can do Italian, French, and Spanish accents with facial expressions like an SNL regular. When I asked him why he had chosen Mexico for his Christmas Around the World Report in December, he just shrugged and said, "I like their burritos!" So we downloaded "Feliz Navidad" and he rocked out in front of his class-mates as only he can with no self-consciousness and a whole lot of style.

This morning he presented his report on krill and I had to share the video--you can probably hear me chuckling in the background. This was just a dress rehearsal, but his teacher had forgotten to get him from the "RAD" class (that is code for what they used to call the "Gifted and Talented" program.  Sounds braggy, I know, but this kid is just so DARN creative and sees the world with his own mystic little Ethan-spin), and so they had to run and find him while we sat there looking at the power-point with his name on it.  He ran in and just started talking, so I missed the first two seconds.  I only wish you could see his face better as he makes all of his little asides, none of which were on the Power Point slides.  


Dacia said...

I just love those proud mommy moments!

JT42 said...

how funny. your family has such a sense of humor! i LOVE it!

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