Monday, January 19, 2009

BRRRR-illiant Ideas for SNOW DAY THRILLS and CHILLS!

(This is a shout-out to my  home-girl Ruth who asked for some ideas for bored kids.)

We had Kid-Richment at the Church today (I still need to copyright that title!) and Janeese Summers had the COOLEST idea for our Snow theme (pun totally intented).  She had the kids make Tortilla Snowflakes!  

To make Tortilla Snow-Flakes:

*Use tortillas that are still at room temperature
* Fold tortilla in half and then fold in half again
* Cut out shapes in the same way you would for a snowflake
* Fry tortilla in hot oil in a frying pan for about 1 minute on each side or until lightly browned
* Sprinkle hot tortilla with cinnamon and sugar and enjoy! 

(I also found the same recipe at where they brush them with oil or spray with cooking spray and bake them.  Based on the eerie grease-fog still lingering in the gym while the kids and I were doing the clean-up, I'd say we're going to be baking them in the future! However, when I said that it was going to smell like Fongs in there until Sunday, one of the other Moms said, "I hope so!" And it was then that I realized that I might be nibbling on my baked, whole-wheat tortilla snowflake alone.) 

(P.S.  You can also "sprinkle them with edible glitter," the recipe from says. . . yup, I agree. That inedible glitter goes down a little rough, but it sure makes the toilet sparkle! Too much? Too much.)

We also did a "Bundle-Up" relay race where we had adult-sized winter wear (hats, coats, scarves, gloves) for each team.  One by one the kids one each team had to put on the clothing, run across the gym, and then run back and remove the clothing.

When we got home, Eric found some of the leftover balloons from Holden's birthday festivities on Saturday and we played Balloon Volleyball (see video--aren't I fancy?).  We just use something to put a line on the carpet (in this case a curtain rod) and divide into two teams and hit the ball back and forth without keeping score.  This way everyone gets to be a big winner instead of a big whiner.  

Another of the kids favorites is an idea from Family Fun Magazine : Cereal Box Hockey.  You cut out "goals" from cereal boxes and tape them to the kitchen table.  Then you tape a coin to the underside of a milk cap and use it as the "puck."  You just use paper cups to hit the "puck" back and forth.  Because our median age is about 3, Eric and I sit at the "heads" of the table and the kids take the sides so that everyone gets to play at once.  

We usually divide up into vowels and consonants so that the teams are even.  Today Eric, Eve, and Ethan's team was called "Winning With E's" and Holden, Caleb, and My team was called "Consonant-stipation."


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! Wonderful ideas! I think the boys are going to love the hockey idea! I'm going to try them out as soon as I hear 'I'm bored' which should be in like 7 minutes..

jenny said...

I miss Kidrichment. I have suggested it a fw times here, but people have to drive too far to get to the church, and there really arent enough stay-at-home moms to make it worth it. Are your kids having to stay home from school? Rexburg, closing schools? Unheard of! Our winter activities include, going to the park, and me shoving the kids outside because pretty soon it will be too hot for them to ride their new bikes!

JT42 said...

thank you! what wonderful ideas...i miss kidrichment, even though i didn't get to come much. our new ward has about 20 primary kids and that includes the 6 nursery kids...i don't think we'll be suggesting much of that here! here we come back yard and playroom!! :D

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