Monday, February 15, 2016

Volume Xi, issue ix, November 2015

It's hard to talk about what you're grateful for through forkfuls of turkey and stuffing when you're in bed all week with the flu, so I chose to stay home and be thankful for ibuprofen and the quick passage of time rather than driving to Utah to spend Thanksgiving with my family.

My sweeties here at home refused to go on without me, so they feasted on frozen ravioli for Thanksgiving Dinner.

I would have been really quite sad if I had been able to get out of bed long enough to process any real thoughts.

A few days later when I was feeling better, we ate our own little belated Thanksgiving victuals. As I was looking for a good brine recipe for our turkey, I stumbled onto a recipe for turkey covered in what they gluttonously labeled a "bacon jacket." After not eating for three days, I figured I should jump on that cholesterol train.

It was like basket weaving, but with bacon.

Doesn't our bird look so warm and comfortable in her new jacket?
Homemade Lion House Rolls, cornbread and sausage stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and roasted brussels sprouts all served up on a paper plate just to prove that I had been just that sick only a few days earlier.
Homemade chocolate cream pie and a pecan, caramel and chocolate tarte. (Can you tell we prefer chocolate to pumpkin around here?)
The body language in this photo yields a cornucopia of emotions. Yes. Some of us ate Thanksgiving Dinner in our pajamas just because we could. And yes, some of us ate ourselves into such a stupor that we had to rest our heads in our hands. No ties or nice clothes were required and the sunglasses were optional.

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