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Volume XI, issue viii, October 2015 HALLOWEEN

The Gang's all here for this year's family costume! One of our favorite comments at a doorstep while trick or treating was "Oh. . . It's the Peanuts Gang. . . and a chicken!" Poor, poor Woodstock. Poor, poor ignorant person on our street who gave us candy.

The choreography for this year wasn't quite as intense as last year's Thriller Dance, but we thought it was pretty charming in a non-aesthetic way.  (Listen closely to hear Eric growling my name through his fangs as I make us dance just a little too long. . . Haw!)

If the video doesn't show up for you, there's a link to our dancing loveliness here

The four oldest helped to sew their costumes this year, which makes me sound so much more maternally responsible than crazy, right? It actually warmed this old bird's feathers to see these little peanuts so willing to help carry the costume load, and I think it made them proud to see how well they could work that overworked sewing machine. 

This is my favorite photo of the bunch. Every boy needs his dog. . . er. . . Dad.

While I was happily speeding through fabric on my sewing machine of terror, Charlie watched the Peanuts Halloween Movie roughly a hundred or so times. After receiving candy at the first few houses on our trick or treating route in Utah, he gleefully exclaimed, "Hey! I got candy and not rocks!"
Here we are as the Odd Couple. My sweet puppy didn't quite know what he was getting himself into when he agreed to be Snoopy. When his costume blossomed from the depths of my craft room late on Halloween Eve,  I rushed into the bedroom to show it to him (and bounce on the bed just a little, little bit). Eric rolled over, looked at me standing above him on the bed with a maniacal grin and grown man-sized dog costume, and he said, "I didn't think this through, did I?"

As we were weaving our way through several Utah neighborhoods with my sister, Emily, and her kids, Eric kept saying he was "dog tired" and telling me he knew he needed to be extra nice so he didn't have to "sleep in the doghouse" and it never got old. Maybe that's because one reaches a certain level of euphoria when one allows oneself to flutter through otherwise normal neighborhoods as a life-sized canary. As I shook my tail-feathers and skipped along next to my beautiful, normally dressed Emily, Eric shook his head and told me that it looked like I had been released from my half-way house for the evening by my big sister. 

One thing that I know for sure is that my beloved Snoop Dog deserves more appreciation from the bird in his life for enduring the costumed frenzy for 17 years straight. He is definitely this woman's best friend. 

For Linus and Schroeder's shirts, we used duct tape and fabric paint to create cartoonish stripes. I was pretty jazzed about how they turned out. 
Pigpen--aka The World's Most Patient Teenager (what other 15-year-old would let you rub dirt on his face just for a photo op?). The look on his face is quintessentially Ethan. 
Since the Peanuts Movie was going to be released only days after Halloween, Peter had the bright idea to go to the movie in our costumes. How could we turn town our brave little Linus?

When we went trick or treating at their house, our dear friends, the Hartvigsens, somehow got roped into the peanutty good idea of coming with us to the movie.  We just happened to sew costumes for them just for our movie outing, and one of them was just slightly more thrilled than the other (I'll let you guess which one is which).

Not only were they good sports, but they made the trip to the movies even more delightful than we could have imagined.

Just looking at this photo makes me love them even more (which I had though was pretty impossible).

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