Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Volume VI, issue vii, July 2010

Camp d'Evegnee is brewing with a vengeance now that Dad has a little vacation time. This week should probably have been called "My Big Fat Camp d'Evegnee," but we've chosen to call it "Greek Week."

Holden instructed us all about the in's and out's of Greek Mythology and we did the cooking and crafting as a team of giggly, giddy familial olympians. To cap off the week, we had chariot races and our own Olympics.

I've decided to post all of the recipes on my recipe blog so they don't take up too much space here. There is a link on the sidebar or you click here:

Let me just say, though, that our tastebuds were in Olympus with all of the earthy, homey flavors. We were so happy to see our little geeks, uh. . . I mean, greeks gobbling down spinach and eggplant, among other things. Eric says he wishes that every week could be Greek Week just because of the menu.

After one of our evening feasts, Ethan made up this joke:
What do you call a Greek God after he eats too much?
An O-limp-ian.
On Wednesday night, we watched "Percy Jackson" and tonight we watched "Clash of the Titans" (with a little light editing. . . kids only need to see so much dismembering of mythological monsters).
During a break in the movie, Eve looked up at me and said cheerfully, "Hi, Goddess of all Moms!"
After the scene where Percy learns that the Gods can't hang out with their mortal offspring, Eve said to Eric, "I'm glad you're not a God. . . so you can spend time with me."

Ethan rode the Zeus Mobile and chucked cardboard lightening bolts at the other chariots, white Holden painted a huge white skull on the front of his chariot and proudly represented Hades. Caleb raced in the "Sea Mobile" (C-Mobile, get it?).

Eve chose to ride her chariot for the Goddess Athena and we told her she could write anything she wanted on the side of her vehicle. She asked me for some help on the spelling, but she honestly wrote the line: "Wisdom is an experience."

We asked her where she had heard the phrase and she shrugged her shoulders and explained that she hadn't heard it anywhere. Okay. . . not to brag because I know she's my daughter and all . . . but what can I say here?


Dacia said...

Looks like so much fun!!

Anonymous said...


Can I come live with you? Or at least can I send my children? You have got to be THE coolest mother of all time. Where do you come up with this stuff?

Your kids are so stinkin adorable... I absolutely LOVE Peter in the video! Soooo cute.

Oh and this has nothing to do with your post (which I LOVE, did I mention that?) but is it time for a girls night or something??? I think we should get together sometime soon..

Shelly said...

You are hysterical! What a great idea... can I copy you?

Heather said...

So who's the goddess of creativity? Whoever she is, she's got nothin' on you!

Caryn said...

Your photos and Greek Week are so cool. I can't believe you even made chariots. Okay, seriously, this has officially made you "mother of the year!" You are amazing. What fun you are having and I love that you are introducing your family to all this culture. They are such good sports to pose. Your shots and editing are so fun. Nice work, Sarah!

Ellie said...

Greek Week looks very fun. AND I read through your whole recipe blog and your parties sound fun enough that I ALMOST want to move to Rexburg. Or it might be easier to stay in Virginia and start a recipe party group here. Do you meet once a month or less often than that? Do you do anything besides bring your dish and eat and talk? That sounds just about perfect to me.

Anonymous said...

i hope to be an awesome mom like you! you will have to share some of your spoils on your cute costume days and weeks.

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