Sunday, May 10, 2009

   Yesterday, I went outside to discover two little mop-headed gentlemen holding a bunch of somethings behind their backs and looking for all the world like they'd discovered the most glorious offering for me.
   Then, they kept looking at each other and saying, "You go first. . . no YOU. . . no YOU!" until I suggested they count to three and go together.  They counted to three and produced the most brilliant collection of dandelions from behind their backs, and chorused in an adorably sing-songy way, "Happy Mothers' Day!".
   So, now you know a couple of things.  You know that I have extremely thoughtful boys.  You also know that our yard yielded enough dandelions to produce a CROP.
   Please remember the former. . . (Do I need to point out that in their gift-giving frenzy, they actually did yardwork without even realizing it?  How's that for multi-tasking-GOLD?)

This is the slideshow I sent my Mom for Mother's Day. My Mom really did teach me how to love my "blossoms."
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Christine Gilbert said...

So adorable! I love the shots of all of your kids--especially the dandelions! What a great Mothers day gift!

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