Saturday, May 2, 2009

Caleb Potter. . . Book SEVEN!

   Caleb was in SEVENTH heaven today as we celebrated his birthday Hogwart's style!  We captured the boys in this picture during the controlled chaos of the pre-quidditch match rally, robed in invisibility cloaks, and holding their self-decorated brooms.  

   In order to avoid breaking from tradition, I huddled over my sewing-machine like some craft-deprived hag until. . . well. . . who knows what hour last night, making the shiny invisibility cloaks, grinning to myself in the darkness at how much fun it is to create in late-night peace.   However, I didn't turn into a pumpkin until the post party aftermath, staggering around the chocolate cake littered kitchen until Eric sent me to my room for my party hangover nap.  

A broomy battle ensued as the boys flew across the street to the Stake Center gym and played Quidditch.  Ethan was the referee and kept everyone in line a way that made me smile, knowing his generally free-spirited attitude about games and rules.  
Our young wizards gave a new definition to sugar shock as they combined sodas, juices, and powders (we called them unicorn blood, lizard juice, etc) in their personalized goblets. Luckily none of them spewed their brew. . . at least not on OUR carpets.  (I've been thinking about their bubbling bellies all afternoon though; I'll let you know if there were any volcanic vomit experiences when they got back to their non-magical residences.) 
We asked our Chemistry Professor friend to pose as Potion Master (he good-naturedly donned our jedi-robe turned wizard's cloak without a complaint) and he wowed the wide-eyed wizards with "fire-breathing," potion concocting, and object freezing.  One party guest couldn't resist sampling a "frozen" carrot that had been stewing in the liquid nitrogen and we had to call the Hogwart's nurse (that would be me) to wipe up his bloody lip.  Note to self: have parents sign insurance waivers next time.  
We placed a tiny Oreo on a glittery cloth and asked our Potion Master to say a magic spell to "ginormicize" the cookie and then POOF!  It became a monstrous cookie!  Our wizards were a little cynical, but at least Eve believed in the magic and exclaimed, "That was AWESOME!  How did he DO that?!"  
Yes, I did post a heckuva lot of videos, but when a party is THIS magical, how can I resist?


We LOVE Caleb's laugh!  The trick candles were so FUN!
(This was for his family party on the actual day!)


jenny said...

What a wonderful party! I think it is great to be in the academic world where you have so many different talents at your disposal!

Tiffany said...

Oh, for the LOVE!
As in, I love all of it!:-)
What a fun, fun, fun, party... and to think that it will take years, nay, decades, before your own children realize just how dang lucky they are to have you as their mom. Poor sweeties... they think your over-and-above shtick is "normal". Bahaha!:-) YOU ROCK!!!

Becca said...

Have I suggested before that you should be a professional party planner? Your children are so lucky to be celebrated so grandly!

Dacia said...

Seriously, I think you are the worlds funnest mom. What a great party that was! Your kids are going to have the best memories!

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