Sunday, April 5, 2015

Volume XI, issue ii, February 2015

So in LOVE With This Face                                             
(especially when he peeks out at me with Groucho glasses and eats sandwiches in that way that he does)
Charlie and I enjoy cuddling up on the couch with just the two of us and digging into a massive pile of books. Recently, I reached into the cavernous book shelves in the study and pulled out an extra large board book copy of Goodnight Moon that is about 14 inches wide. We have several copies of the book and I hadn't realized that Charlie had never seen this particular copy. The ones we had read to him have all been about half that size. 

Charlie wrinkled his forehead and put his nose right in the book and studied it with concern. Finally, he looked at me and said,"Did you put water on it?"

Occasionally we buy off-brand pop-tarts to put in the kids lunches as a sort of cardboard-like confection. Charlie asked for one of them as we were distributing the lunches, and Eric told him that he couldn't have one because Ethan still needed one. Charlie paused thoughtfully as he looked at the full package in Eric's hand and said, "But there are two. Ethan can have the front and I can have the back." Give that smart kid a pop-tart, Dad!

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Peter had some unexpected (and completely experimental and might I add un-necessary--don't get me started) oral surgery this month. He wound up with an incision in his gums above his front tooth that throbbed uncontrollably for days. When we backed off on our usual ploys to get him to eat what the rest of were having for dinner  and allowed him to have yogurt with no strings or bites of food he hates attached, he got a little emotional. With his mouth still drooping from numbness, he said, "Thanks for being so nice."


Eve's poster about herself for a school assignment is as revelatory as it is adorable. I doubt that any other little girls had a combination as weird and lovely as Sharknado, JK's Hot Dogs, and Thriller on their get-to-know me poster. Eve couldn't be more loyal, quirky, or wonderful. 

You don't need many words to accessorize the looks of the faces of these two. They floated off to the middle school Daddy Daughter Dance together with a stop on the way at their favorite Taqueria for dinner. They've been practicing their choreography since Eve could stand up, so they hit that dance floor with a confidence ten years in the making. They lassoed each other, lawn-mowered in tandem, and generally made everyone else a little envious.

For Eve's birthday, she asked for a giant snickerdoodle cookie instead of a birthday cake. After I had tossed the huge dough-ball in the oven, Peter came upstairs and wiggled his nose like a hungry little Peter Rabbit, and asked what kind of cake I was making for Eve's birthday. I told him it was a giant snickerdoodle. Peter said thoughtfully, "I don't know what that is. . . but it sounds good!"

I came home from a Baby Shower on Saturday to discover that Eve had not only made cupcakes with her Easy Bake Oven, but she had used the leftover pieces and parts of one of my previous projects to create cupcake toppers. The toppers say mild things like "Power" and "Cupcake Madness." 

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