Wednesday, October 30, 2013

d'Evegnee Halloweens Through the Ages

What started out as a shrug and a trip to the sewing machine to crank out one little costume has turned into an explosion of family insanity and holiday revelry. What will we be in next year? Only the d'Evegnees and my poor, overworked, shuddering sewing machine know!
Elvis. . . and the start of a family tradition

The Wizard of Oz (Eric said that was the last time I would ever get him to dress up after I made him walk through the mall and pose for a photo shoot at Kiddie Kandids)

Jurassic Park (pregnant with Caleb and making sick faces)

Scooby Doo (with my sister Rachel as Daphne [When I asked her if she would join us, she asked, "Is the costume tight?" When I said it was a purple dress make out of spandex, she cheerfully agreed. ]).

The Three Amigos (and Eve wore me as a costume that year. Hahaha)

Peter Pan  (I finally had a girl to be Tinkerbelle! Notice the tiny pom poms on her slippers! )

Star Wars

Star Wars II (with added Yoda. I had just had an emergency c-section and a move into a new house only weeks before)

This is what I wore at midnight when Walmart opened on November 1st to sell the special edition DVD boxed set of all six Star Wars movies

Toy Story

The Justice League

2013: A Simple Lesson in Genetics

2014: d'Evegnee's Thriller


Carli said...

You are the coolest Halloween mom ever! Can't wait for the big unveil!

Carli said...

You are the coolest Halloween mom ever! Can't wait for the big unveil!

Daniel and Lindsey said...

Usually, as I look over each blog post, I mentally file away "comments" that I'll type up at the end of the post. Let me just say that after this one I'm rendered speechless. I have so many comments and compliments that they've all hijacked each other and, in the end, I'm left with the overall sentiment that you are truly an inspiration. Good job.

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