Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

Nine days. Nine Costumes. Game on.

Covered in sweat, faux fur, and the high-pitched fervor that only accompanies intense self-deception, she huddles over the sewing machine. It must be the last week in October at the d'Evegnees.


Peter and Marie, wearing a couple costumes from our 2008 theme for a Halloween Party. 
My Halloween Princesses
  Happy Halloween!


T said...

Job well done! A+

Tiffany said...

That was SO worth every single minute of lost sleep!! The concept & costumes are without a doubt, totally and completely, mind-boggling-ly AMAZING! *sigh* You outdid yourself... again! :-)

Wow. Just, wow.

Heather said...

Spectacular! (I feel like I'm writing a review) Another great performance from the d'Evegnee's. Sarah never fails to deliver. These outstanding costumes will have everyone exclaiming "Expelliarmus"!

Daniel and Lindsey said...

I love the costumes and I'm so glad that you put them on your blog so that I can enjoy every detail of them! I think we just missed you at the Trunk or Treat. I caught a glimpse of your Harry Potter extravaganza in my rearview mirror as we were pulling out. I'm so sad to have missed it "live," but glad to have seen your genius on the blog.

The Todds said...

You're such an awesome mom! I don't even deserve to ASPIRE to be like you! So fun!

Ruth said...

Good job! no wait, AWESOME job! You really did a great job you all look fantastic! I also think it's great that eric not only dresses up but willingly poses for pictures. how do you get him to do that?

you guys are such a fun fam! (that's pretty cheesy, huh?) but i really do like your costumes. you are so talented and i can see all the effort you put in to this. yay you!

Erin said...

I love these! (It's Erin from freshman year!)

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