Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Pregnant Pause for Christmas

Pregnancy-induced Insomnia Thought of the Night: Necessity whittled down the holidays to their raw form. No parties; no projects; no presents gleefully deposited door-to-door. I'm wistful. But knowing it's all about the baby makes it lovely somehow in its simplicity.

It's all about The Baby.

Merry, Merry Christmas indeed!


Kimber said...

Ah, the true Spirit of Christmas! It IS all about The Baby.

While pondering the blessings and gifts that The Baby brings I thought of His mother and what a priviledge it is for me to be a mother. Thank you, Sarah, for leading my thoughts to remember these wonderful gifts!

Lorie said...

Sara, Sounds to me like you are jealous of my new CD Player!!! :) We still have VCR's so CD's are the "up and coming" thing for us. (ha!!)

Hope the rest of your pregnancy flies by. That Eve is a confident little girl. No amount of $$ would get me to speak in Stake Conference.

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