Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Peter's Toy Story Party

The invitation:

I felt so much pity for Woody when only one boy chose the "Woody Side" that I actually made a couple of them make the switch without their knowledge (as in "Here, let me fix your cape for you, Buddy!"). How can you watch Toy Story an estimated gazillion times and not have your heart-strings pull for the cowboy?

When I was pregnant with Peter and found out I was having boy #4, people asked me if I was disappointed. Are you kidding me? My internal organs get all soft and sappy when I think of little boys and I could never get enough! I could have just squished all these boys together and made a little pie of cuteness and eaten the whole thing myself. (I don't know exactly what that means, but you get the general gist, right?)

I had been wanting to do a Superman Party, but finally gave in (and you can plainly see how I still stubbornly used some of my super-hero ideas in the planning).

The green grapes were a must on the Pizza Planet menu. Every time we're in the produce section and Peter sees them he yells delightedly, "Look! Buzz Lightyear grapes!"

Just looking at this busty creation makes me feel slightly sick, like a mandatory nap is around the corner. This fellow bordered on confectionary deviance. I was insanely determined to master a 3-D Buzz cake, so I planned out my strategy for days before the party. I ended up using THREE cake mixes, two pans, about six hours of after-hours labor, and absolutely no common sense. When I finally tucked my frosting-covered, obviously stupid self into bed some time after 4 AM, I had to get up again and take about twelve pictures of the cake because I was sure it would somehow be magically destroyed by morning.

When we were chowing down on the cake, Caleb looked at me between sweet mouthfuls and said wryly, "Well, it looks like this is the last party this Buzz is going to!"

No, you di-unt. Yes. We did. We just used a butter-knife as a party guillotine and lopped the poor guy's cranium clean off. It was too funny to watch Peter's expression as we served it up on a platter (I will refrain from making any inappropriate Biblical allusions here. Sorry, Mr Baptist, for even thinking of it.)


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

i want an awesome buzz cape with a "k" on it! super cute party too!

Tiffany said...

Per your usual, absolutely, totally, completely (and dare I say, insanely?) AMAZING!!! Love the invites, love the capes, love the punch, love the kid, love the mom... LOVE THE WHOLE DANG THING! Oh, and in case you are still unsure, the cake was totally worth every minute of every hour--it rocks!!!

Kenzie - Ryan - Livee- Emmeline said...

I love your parties so much. It looked like an all boy party but I still wish we were there. I could have dressed Livee up as a boy named Woody. I miss seeing you guys so much. Ryan is loving teaching and school and maybe if we get lucky he will teach at BYU-I. We love you guys and I will come and see you when we come up next time. I will also email you my address.

Christine Gilbert said...

Man, these d'eVegnee parties go down in history as the BEST EVER!! I love it! I want to know how you created that awesome cake. Those boys don't know how lucky they were to be there!

Mrs. Demon said...

You never disappoint! I've got three parties next year and need some ideas. (Got off easy with only one this year.) Miss you like crazy!

Love: Natalie Collins

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