Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Any lady who waited in line at Wal-mart guisied up in her Queen Amadala get-up at midnight on the night the final DVD of the Star Wars saga was released isn't too proud and prissy to celebrate sci-fi style! (Does it make it sound better or worse if I say that I was dressed like that anyway and just decided not to change?)

Here's how we get all nerdy and awkward for MAY the FOURTH at the d'Evegnee Death Star!

This started out as Lind Lasagna and then morphed into Mock Lasagna and then became Pasta the Hut, which like its namesake, is founded on principles of gluttony and laziness. I put this little baby together when I don't feel like cooking, and it can be frozen (in carbonite to be saved by a domestic princess in disguise at a later date) beautifully.

Here's all it takes:
1 box of pasta, cooked (we like whole wheat pasta because it makes us feel special)
1 can pasta sauce (we like the canned kind that doesn't have sugar in it; see above)
8 ounces cheese of your choice (you know I like the part-skim mozarella)
1 cup cottage cheese
1/2-1 cup of low fat sour cream (depending on how much creaminess you like)
1 pound cooked ground turkey or lean beef

Dump it all in a pan, cover it with a little extra cheese and Zee-OOM! You're on your way to the dinner table faster than the millenium falcon with x-wing fighters on its tail! Just cook at 350 for about 45 minutes.


Joseph and Mary + Six said...

Sarah, you look amazing, as usual!! I especially love the lipstick!!

jenny said...

You so crazy, girl!

Sarah d' said...

Let's make it perfectly clear that I didn't actually dress up yesterday. I'm crazy, but I'm not, like, Jar-Jar Binx crazy. It was a Halloween flashback. I still have a modicum of self-respect, right? I wore my mom uniform of slouchy, baggy, stain-ridden work-out wear. When we went to deliver light-sabers to neighbors, Holden looked at my tomato and chocolate splashed shirt and said, "You're going to wear THAT?"

Steph said...

Pasta the Hut is my favorite. Or maybe the lightsabers. No, no, it's the costumes. Narrowed down, it's YOUR costume! You look so, so, so serious. Way to get into your character! Love it!

The Ricks Family said...

I love it! Good news, we are coming home in August. My sister is getting married so we will be in Idaho for 2 weeks!

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