Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Birthday Party Before Time

To celebrate Peter's Birthday, we couldn't think of anything better than having a party where he could growl, scream, and stomp around in a frenzy of beastly activity--basically, he could just be himself! (Although, I do have to admit that he can be an awfully cuddly and adorable beast most of the time.)

The invitation for Peter's Jurassic Party

You can't see me in MY dinosaur costume. . . but I was a big green vision!!!

It looks like the cute little pink dinosaur in the picture on the
lower right was digging for something else besides fossils!

As I was constructing my carnivorous confection, I had to admit
that the guy bore a striking reptilian resemblance to Kermit
the frog . . . with rabies.

One of the reasons I love the group photo (aside from how CUTE
they all look in their towels!!!) is the battle royale going on in the lower left corner between two of the pink dinosaurs. (Disclamor: there were no children harmed in the celebrating at this party.) Deacon (in the lower left) got the award for the most frighteningly green goatee (can you STAND it?).


Tiffany said...

Um... again, whoa, sister! I love the party! I love the invitations! I love that Peter has no idea how lucky he is to have you for his mom! (Your poor kids... they will grow up thinking such b-day hoopla is normal.... And I actually love that, too!:-))

Becca said...

That Peter has one amazingly adorable face.

Joseph and Mary + Six said...

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah! You put us all to shame. What an awesome birthday. Peter is so cute and the cake with rabies was amazing. Can you throw my next birthday party??!!

JT42 said...

how stinkin' cute! of course, what else would i expect, but seriously what a fabulous idea. i have yet to endure-i mean instigate a party for any of my children...I am usually not in a place large enough to handle my family let alone the friends that would come. you are great!! someday i will have to rack your brain for ideas...what a fabulous creative mommy you are!!!

Mrs. Demon said...

Looks like a "roaring" good time! Ok--so we just did a Rhettosaurus Party of our own so it was fun to see your ideas. (Could have used some...) They just called me to teach October enrichment on "PARTY PLANNING!" I feel like I need you as a guess speaker. Always adorable. Always memorable. Keep it up girl!!!! (Natalie Collins)

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