Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Eve's Fancy Nancy Birthday Party

A party just isn’t a party unless your guests exit the event in a cloud of glitter with paint under their fingernails and chocolate smudges coating their lips, fingers, and tutus (yes, tutus are required).

The boys’ parties of 2008 were relatively low-key because I spent most of the year trying to recover from Marie’s smash-down, drag out birth scenario. But when 2009 came rolling around, I was ready to dive back in to party mode with a pink vengeance.

Last year for Christmas, Eve received a copy of what is possibly the most overwhelmingly adorable book ever illustrated by woman’s hand—Fancy Nancy. I literally cried the first time I read it to Eve—when you read it every fiber of femininity squeals with girlish delight. We absolutely HAD to have a Fancy Nancy party!

For weeks before the party, Eve and I huddled together in the Craft Room with her copy of Fancy Nancy and poured over the elegant details of each page, carefully making notes to craft the perfect party. She oversaw the planning of each activity and favor like the true daughter of a party-planner, making sure we had the heart-shaped box of chocolates shown in the corner one page of the book and that we made the feather pens Nancy wrote with on another page of the book (where on earth does she get this attention to detail?), asking me if I had written each item on our master list. (WHAT FUN! I had to stop myself from perpetually giggling with fiendish feminine JOY!)

Eve was befrocked in her fancy outfit to deliver her uber-frilly invitations to each of her guests, and leaned in to tell each one secretively, "We're going to learn French!"  How painfully cute is that?  BONJOUR!?  I am, like, TOTALLY fluent French!  I mean, how could I contain my girlish glee?!?  

Between making tutus and t-shirts, dreaming up the ideal loot-bags, and watching Eve enjoy the planning of the party as much as the party itself, how could I possibly sleep the week of the party?  How CAN one sleep when such cuteness is on the horizon?

So. . . here's the party in ALL (and I mean ALL) of it's 



Anonymous said...

holy crap-oly! i've never even seen that much girlie stuff in my life. you truly are the queen of parties. what a lucky girl eve is to have you!

Emily said...

I am speechless--except to say I wish Ellie could have been there. Okay, I wish I could have been there! Will you throw me a Fancy Nancy party when I turn 40?

Dacia said...

You have got to be the world's most fabulous mom! It's every little girl's dream to party like that. Great job!

Karin said...

Ok so I already knew you were the queen of all birthday parties but this really is awesome. My little girls love fancy nancy! you are amazing! I loved the relief society b-day video too. It was very uplifting and was the very thing I needed the day I saw it. Thanks for reminding us that not only are we all daughters of God but we deserve a little "Fancy Nancy" Too!

Tiffany said...

Mmmm... I love EVERY delicious detail!!! I think the only thing that could possibly compete for awesome-ness w/being your friend would be being your daughter.

Meghan said...

That is so cute!

jenny said...

Yes, we did the Princess Diaries Party for Caroline which was very similar... she is too old for Fancy Nancy... I tried to talk her into that... I LOVE Fancy Nancy... I am so glad I have another little girl who will be able to appreciate it! I can't wait until Lorelai is a little older!!!

JT42 said...

you are the queen of parties!! this is amazing!!! i can't wait until Kayelynn is a little older to do this...I thought about it for this year, but she doesn't appreciate fancy nancy quite so much yet! what a wonderful experience for eve!

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