Thursday, February 19, 2009

Give Her Five!

Daddy : Eve, you have to always be my little girl.

Eve : But Dad, I can't marry you!  You're already married!

Daddy : Yes.  But you can always be my little girl and you can live with us forever.

Eve : Dad, you're a nut-case!


Evening bliss, the tightening every five minutes 
during a Relief Society Fireside.
Are you the one in labor? 
Sisters gathered around 
then I smiled home,
packing my bags and my hopes of a finally feminine voice.

Mere hours later, a few natural strains and she, she, she
cried a girlish cry, opening big and bold.
Nearly double digits of her own flair already.

I held my genesis, my fruit, my Eve.


JT42 said...

what a cutie!
i'm seriously so in love with her dramatics and her amazing outfits-chosen ever so carefully by her loving mother :D i wish i had the patience for that! my favorite outfit(s) are the ones you've made with amazing fabrics and "flare"...just out of the book fancy nancy (in my opinion)

Anonymous said...

she is so stinkin adorable! it must be so much fun to have a girlie girl around. maybe i could borrow her sometime and dress her up and take her shopping down the pink aisle and watch princess movies and eat dainty little finger foods. what a great idea! (if i do say so myself) why haven't i thought of this before?

jenny said...

That is a beautiful poem!

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